Neck Pain Afflicts Millions: Ways To Prevent It

fBOSTON —From working at a computer all day to lifting your children, at any given time 10 percent of Americans suffer from neck pain, and it’s a problem that’s growing in the under-30 crowd.

But there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

Getting up and moving is one of the main ways of preventing pain, especially if you sit at a computer all day.

Adjusting the position of your computer monitor to prevent your neck leaning forward and your eyes looking down at the screen is also helpful.

Dr. Sharon Bassi, of New England Baptist Hospital, said that adjustment in the way you work can help.

“Bring the work station up a little bit and cant your screen to be eye-level so your neck is not flexed forward,” Bassi said.

From your desk to your bed:  Bassi said some support for your neck while you sleep is another important tip. Rolling up a towel and placing it under your neck is an easy fix.

“So that just gives you a little support on your neck and makes it a little bit easier on your spine when you sleep,” Bassi said.

If you are already in pain, a simple side stretch may bring relief.

“You are going to rotate your neck to one side and you can give yourself an extra stretch by just giving a slight push,” Bassi said.

The British Chiropractic Association is blaming THE increase in neck pain among young people on what it’s calling a “sedentary epidemic” from too many hours spent looking down and watching a screen.

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